Gentle Words We Use

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Dr. Lora and our staff use the following words when explaining procedures and introducing dental instruments to your child. We feel that these words help familiarize children with our procedures on a level that they can understand.

When talking to your child, please refer to this list. It is always good to keep a positive attitude when discussing dental treatment with your child so they will develop an independent and positive attitude toward dental care throughout their lives.

Adult Gentle Words
Cavities Sugar Bugs
Nitrus Oxide Happy Air, Magic Air
Shot, Needle Sleepy Juice
Topical Gel Jelly
X Rays Pictures of Teeth
Numb Feeling Fat Warm Funny Feeling
Drill Special Toothbrush, Mr.Whistle, Mr.Bumpy
Drill On Teeth Clean A Tooth
Suction Straw, Mr.Thirsty
Composite Filling White Star
Crown Silver Hat, Princess Crown
Tooth Extraction Wiggle A Tooth Out
Sealants Tooth Paint
Examination Count Teeth
Teeth Cleaning Tickle Teeth
Explorer Tooth Checker