Snacking And Your Teeth

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Did You Know?

  • Sugars and starches mix with the bacteria that live in your mouth, producing acids that cause cavities.
  •  Snacking less than three times a day allows saliva to counteract the effect of acids and repair tooth enamel.


Here are some tips to keep those SUGAR BUGS away:

  1. Don’t let your child eat continuously. Children tend to be grazers, so when enjoying a snack, sit down and finish the snack in one sitting. Then you can go back to play!
  2. Drink water after snacking to rinse the sugar off the teeth. If you can brush after snacking, that’s even better!
  3. Chewing sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol (as a snack or after a meal) reduces plaque and the ability for it to stick to teeth.
  4. Eat cheese and fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods increase saliva flow which neutralizes damaging acids.

Foods that are GOOD for your Teeth

Cheese, String Cheese, Eggs & Nuts
Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Cottage Cheese & Frozen Yogurt
Sugar free Gum (Especially w/Xylitol), Meat & Water

Foods/Snacks to Keep Limited

Dried Fruit, Raisins, Honey & Juice
Fruit Rolls, Fruit Snacks, Donuts, Sports Drinks (Gatorade)
Lollipops, Hard Candy, Bananas & Soda
Chewy Granola Bars, Crackers/Cookies, Energy Drinks (Rockstar)
Chips, Cake, Tea & Coffee with sugar
Pop Tarts, Popsicles/Otter Pops & Mochas
Jellies, Jams, Milk & Kool-Aid

Foods That May Break your Teeth

Tortilla Chips, French bread, Croutons & Popcorn
Corn Nuts, Jolly Ranchers, Jawbreakers & Hard Granola Bars